Time to adopt a revolumising beauty routine[Translation]

You've reached your 40's and your face is getting hollower by the year. Time to start a revolumising beauty routine to get back your youthfully, plump features.[Translation]

Once we've passed the Big 40, we don't just have wrinkles on our mind. We need to re-assess our entire beauty routine.[Translation]


We know we're nagging, but cleansing is THE anti-ageing essential, even if we're not wearing make up. The first step to a plumping beauty routine is to properly cleanse. It'll get rid of excess sebum and grime that's built up during the day. At our age, the best textures to use are comforting and soothing - cleansing oils, milk oils and cream cleansers. Being lipid-rich, they prevent dry skin and nourish the epidermis.[Translation]

Apply a serum for a revolumising boost[Translation]

In the morning, after cleansing, apply a revolumising serum. These turbo-charged treatments pump the epidermis full of active ingredients. Our tip: don't use a serum on its own (unless it's really hot outside), but rather apply it alongside a face cream from the same brand. This dynamic duo will add volume and plump up your face, whilst improving skin density. They'll work hand in hand for added anti-ageing, revolumising results.[Translation]

Protect and perfect your skin with a day cream[Translation]

The third step in your revolumising routine should include hyaluronic acid. Why? It plumps up our faces (cheeks in particular), smoothes out wrinkles and leaves us looking younger. It will immediately make your face look supple and smooth. Its hyaluronic acid content will be able to combat the ageing effects of oxidative stress. Plus it helps to prevent the hyaluronic acid naturally present in our dermis from suffering further harm.[Translation]

Comfort your skin before bed...[Translation]

... so that you don't wake up to sleep lines and pillow marks etched on your face. Being the star ingredient when it comes plumping up our features, micro-metric hyaluronic acid can deeply penetrate the epidermis. This is why revolumising night creams contain it in their formulae. Used over time, hyaluronic acid provides a beneficial biological action - as it reaches living cells in the epidermis, it stimulates their natural production of hyaluronic acid.[Translation]